Transport Compliance Audit – not used

Compliance audits can be utilised in a number of ways, usually for quality monitoring purposes or requested as an undertaking requested by the Traffic Commissioner.

Quality Monitoring

"Continuous reviewing and monitoring of the quality of the systems in place is essential to ensure that they are sufficiently comprehensive to do the job." (DVSA - Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness)

An annual review of either your maintenance systems, drivers hours responsibilities or both is recommended to ensure the systems and procedures you have in place are working and are effective.  It can highlight any new requirements that may have come into effect or procedures that may have been overlooked due to other commitments.  It is very good way of effectively monitoring your drivers, a maintenance provider, workshop staff and general transport management.


An audit of your maintenance systems and drivers hours responsibilities can be requested by the Traffic Commissioner for a number of reasons.  The audit is to be independent, unbiased and is there to identify any shortfalls in the systems and procedures you have in place.  You are obliged to act on any recommendations.

O Licence Management
Maintenance Arangements

Reviewing and monitoring of your maintenance systems and procedures is a vital part of your operator licence obligation.

The audit will include:

O Licence Details                                                Fleet Details                                  Daily Walk Around Checks

Driver Defect Reporting                                       Driver's Responsibilities               Safety Inspections

Repair Facilities/Maintenance Providers             Staff                                              Quality Monitoring

Tachograph and drivers hours audits are different than tachograph and drivers hours analysis.  An audit in this area is assessing the management of drivers hours and having the appropriate systems and procedures in place where analysis highlights any drivers hour infringements.

The audit will include:

O Licence Details                      Fleet Details                                             Training

Tachograph Calibration             Charts and Printer Rolls                           Storage of Data/Charts

Dealing with Infringements        General Drivers Hours Management        Working Time Directive

Tachograph Responsibilities

Audits can be carried out anywhere in the UK.

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