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As a holder of an operator’s licence you have an obligation to manage your transport responsibilities effectively, meeting all the requirements whilst staying within the guidelines

Transport Compliance - Self Assessment

Do you know how compliant you are with the requirements of your Operators Licence? Do you understand what is involved in agreeing to your undertakings as a holder of that Licence.  Are you sure you are compliant in all areas?

Why not do a Self-Assessment.

Before paying out large sums, a self-assessment can give you an idea of areas that may need improvement:

  • whether further training is required
  • whether you need assistance
  • if you need a compliance audit
  • or any external help

The self assessment tool is not intended to be a full compliance audit but to give an operator some idea of areas that may require improvement without the need for an external audit.

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A Transport Compliance Audit

Transport Auditing Services can assist you in operating a safe, legal and compliant transport operation.  A compliance audit will identify areas that can help you manage your transport obligations more effectively and efficiently.

Continuous reviewing and monitoring of your Maintenance and Tachograph systems is a vital part of your Operator Licence obligations.  A Maintenance and Tachograph Responsibilities Audit is based on DVSA Guidelines, Traffic Commissioners Statutory Documents and best practice.  The audit reports are comprehensive, full of advice and information as well as findings and any necessary recommendations.

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Safety Inspection Report Analysis

A safety inspection report demonstrates the condition of a vehicle, it's a record of the mechanical condition of a vehicle and all safety inspection reports must be completed correctly and kept for 15 months.

A considerable amount of information can be obtained from examining inspection reports:
·         Are they completed correctly by your staff or the maintenance provider?
·         Do they cover all the relevant points as per DVSA guidelines?
·         Are brake tests being recorded in line with requirements?
·         Are they appropriately signed?
·      Are defects being recorded correctly e.g. being repaired, monitored or reported?
·      Is there any recurring defects?

Examining safety inspection reports can also determine: 
·         If safety inspections are being carried out in line with your obligations.
·         If daily walk around checks are being carried out correctly. 
·         Are the correct amount of brakes tests carried out annually.
·      What is the overall condition of the vehicle?


Just like tachograph analysis, analysing and interpreting safety inspection reports can be a powerful transport management tool.  They can be analysed individually after an inspection, a full vehicle file can be checked if ,for example, required for attendance at a Public Inquiry or for transport management purposes to ensure a more efficient operation.

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Transport Management Assistance

Transport management can be very time consuming, complicated and often neglected. Transport Auditing Services can assist you in managing your transport compliance and obligations whether you operate on a restricted licence or have a full time Transport Manager.  Assistance can be in many ways such as providing external transport management services, management assistance with a restricted licence, limited or remote assistance e.g. report checks, reminders, general administration. We can set up suitable and easy to use filing systems or provide Fleet Management Software. 

Compliance Audit

Fleet Management Software is becoming more popular for one vehicle to large fleets. Many systems are now recognised by DVSA for Earned Recognition and compliance purposes. Modern systems can make your operation more efficient and management can be more effective.

We can supply a recognised fleet management system and set it up with all your fleets documentary history, for you to manage yourself, from as little as £4.50 per vehicle per month or we can manage it for you at a cost considerably less than a visiting consultant.

All documentation would be available anywhere at any time by just logging into the system.

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