Safety Inspection Report Analysis

The correct completion of an inspection report is an essential part of an operator’s maintenance arrangements

The DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness has guidelines on what safety inspection reports must contain, how long they are to be kept, how the reports are to be completed etc.  Failure to meet these standards will have serious implications on an operation.  The inspection reports must be kept for a minimum period of 15 months and can be used to assess the management of an operation as well as the roadworthiness of a vehicle over a period.  The documents can be required to be presented to the Traffic Commissioner or enforcement if requested or used in the case of any incident involving a vehicle.

Spending time analysing safety inspection reports and monitoring the information they provide will ensure you can provide evidence of efficient and effective management.

It is the operator's responsibility to ensure that any documentation, including the documentation supplied by the maintenance provider, is completed correctly, meets the required standards and is available on request.

  • Are all inspections carried out in line with what you have told the traffic commissioner?  E.g. being carried out at the correct intervals, on all occasions.
  • Are the records complete?
  • Are brake tests carried out in line with DVSA guidelines?
  • Are the report forms up to date?
  • Are the forms completed correctly?
  • Are “reported” defects of a safety concern and being actioned?
  • Do you understand the severity of the defects that are being reported?
  • Does a description of a defect indicate it could attract a prohibition notice?
  • Can you identify safety and non-safety related defects?
  • Are they recorded in the correct place with the correct coding?
  • Do you know how brake test results must be recorded on inspection reports?
  • Are you confident that brake test results indicate that they are effective?
  • The completion of an inspection report can often reflect the competence of a technician or a maintenance provider.

Inspection report analysis service

An analysis of the inspection reports can:

  • Indicate the inspection intervals are in line with any obligations
  • Highlight any missing reports
  • Check if sufficient brake tests are being carried out and recorded correctly
  • See if inspection report forms are up to date and completed correctly
  • Provide reports as part of a quality monitoring system
  • Updated forward planners
  • Average annual mileages in comparison with DVSA inspection interval guidelines
  • Independently monitor a maintenance provider

Reports to form part of a compliance audit:

  • No need for a site visit
  • Comprehensive report on the analysis
  • Partial or complete fleet checks
  • Annual/Monthly cost per vehicle

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