Transport Management Assistance

Transport management is often not a company's main priority and can be left for periods without attention.  This can create major problems and lead to serious operator licence issues.

Restricted Licence holders are not obliged to employ a qualified Transport Manager but still need to meet the requirements and obligations as Standard National and International Licence holders. The majority of Restricted Licence holders have "other" priorities within a business and managing the transport obligations can be very time consuming, but has to be done right.  Having an Operators Licence requires you to operate Safe and Legal.

Transport management assistance and advice can include:

  • Preliminary Audit and Action Plan
  • Regular Visits
  • Continuous Advice and Information
  • Setting up a Suitable Administrative System
  • Use of Professional Fleet Management Software
  • Maintenance Arrangements
  • Drivers Hours Responsibilities
  • Working Time
  • Driver Management
  • Quality Monitoring

We can offer varying degrees of management depending on your specific needs and requirements, at a fixed monthly cost. Having an experienced Transport Manager "on-board" with your operation can not only ensure you stay safe, legal and compliant but will be a major benefit and can save you time and money.

Electronic Fleet Management

Modern Fleet Management software is becoming more popular and can assist a transport operation immensely.  Electronic systems can complement a traditional filing system or run as a standalone management tool. Fleet Management software can be extremely useful for an operator with one vehicle or a large fleet and can store a vast amount of information on vehicles and drivers. It can produce numerous useful management reports along with planning systems, auto emailing, and reminders etc. It is all stored on-line so is also a useful back-up for any hard copy filing system. 

Fleet Check

We can supply a recognised Fleet Management System for as little as £4.50 per vehicle per month for stand alone use.

We can input all your vehicles history and documentation to set you up and if further help is required we can assist with managing it remotely for considerably less than the cost of regular site visits.

This can be of enormous benefit for a restricted licence operator as it will free up time to concentrate more on managing your business and ensure you remain safe, legal and compliant with all your transport documentation.

For Transport Managers a Fleet Management system is an  extremely useful and powerful management tool and can take away some of the stress of the administration work whilst becoming more efficient and effective in the process.

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