Alan Brooks BA Eng Tech MIRTE MSOE

07706 028018

“I have been in the transport industry for over 35 years, first as a qualified vehicle technician and a driver, then a vehicle inspector, manager, transport manager and auditor. I have carried many engineering investigations, several thousand vehicle inspections, and been involved in compliance auditing since 2000. I have trained technicians to carry out vehicle inspections and basic compliance audits, trained transport managers and consultants to carry out internal and traffic commissioner audits and written bespoke audits used for quality monitoring and compliance purposes.

I keep up to date with all DVSA requirements and manage several operators as an external Transport Manager, so l know the pressures involved with day to day transport management.

I have managed operators with many problems and have eventually been audited by trade associations, independent auditors and DVSA, all with positive outcomes. I have attended several public inquiries as a witness.

I have audited large international operators and self employed owner drivers. I have always insisted that I am unbiased, with an  independent view of an operators compliance and will always try and ensure safe and legal requirements are being met. I will never be influenced by any solicitor, barrister, transport manager or consultant. You will always receive an independent evaluation of compliance as per the traffic commissioners requirements.”