Self Assessment

A self-assessment is designed to enable an Operator or Transport Manager to make a general assessment of the systems and procedures currently in place. It is not intended to be a full compliance audit and will not be accepted by the Traffic Commissioner as one. It is however designed to give an operator an insight into the standards and levels currently in place.

For a restricted licence holder with little or no transport management knowledge it will give a very good insight into what is required and can establish if further transport management assistance is required.

The Procedure

You will receive a program based on an Excel spreadsheet, with a series of questions about your Maintenance Arrangements and Driver’s Hours Management. The questions are “yes/no” type answers with some further information required by entering dates.

The Results

The report is based on the information you have submitted therefore must be completed honestly and truthfully to be of any benefit. The report is purely for your benefit and will be kept confidential.

The Benefits

  • To check if various systems are in place
  • See if they are working
  • Give you an insight as to your current transport management knowledge
  • Check if you are keeping relevant documentation
  • Identify if safety inspections are done in line with the planned programme
  • Identify if driver card/vehicle unit downloads are carried out within the correct time period
  • Provide a check list as a starting point if any improvements are necessary


The Cost

For as little as £100 you can carry out your own assessment and if you decide to have a further audit, the cost of the self assessment will be deducted.